Best Edge Hill University Accommodation Prices for Students

Choosing the right student accommodation is pivotal to a successful university experience. The environment in which you live can significantly impact your academic performance, mental health, and overall well-being.

A well-chosen student house from Rebell Property Ltd offers more than just a place to sleep, it provides a supportive atmosphere conducive to studying, socialising, and personal growth. Poor accommodation choices can lead to stress, distractions, and discomfort, detracting from your academic focus and quality of life.

Therefore, investing time and effort in selecting the right student accommodation through Rebell Property is essential for maximising your university experience.

Types of Edge Hill University Accommodation Available in Ormskirk

On-Campus Residences: Pros and Cons

On-campus residences offer a convenient and community-focused living experience. Being close to university facilities means less time commuting and more time engaging in academic and extracurricular activities.

Living on campus with Edge Hill University Student Accommodation fosters a sense of community, with ample opportunities to form friendships and participate in university life. However, on-campus living can also have drawbacks, such as higher costs, limited privacy, and strict regulations.

Understanding these pros and cons can help you decide if on-campus accommodation is the right choice for you.

Private Rentals: Flexibility and Independence

Private rentals provide a high degree of flexibility and independence, allowing students to tailor their living arrangements to their preferences. This option often offers more space and privacy compared to on-campus housing.

Renting privately with Rebell Property can also be more cost-effective, depending on the property and location. However, it comes with added responsibilities, such as managing utility bills, dealing with landlords, and handling maintenance issues.

Despite these challenges, the autonomy and real-life experience gained from living in a private rental can be highly rewarding.

Shared Houses: Balancing Cost and Community

Shared houses offer a balance between affordability and community living. Sharing rent and utility costs with housemates can make this option financially attractive. Moreover, living with others can provide companionship, support, and a vibrant social life.

However, shared living requires good communication and compromise to manage shared responsibilities and avoid conflicts. Setting clear house rules and maintaining open communication can help create a harmonious living environment in a shared house.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Student House

Proximity to University and Transport Links

Location is a critical factor when choosing student accommodation. Being close to the university reduces commuting time and costs, allowing more time for studying and leisure activities. Edge Hill University Student Accommodation offers the advantage of proximity to campus, ensuring students can easily access university facilities.

Additionally, good transport links are essential for easy access to local amenities, part-time jobs, and social outings. Consider properties near bus stops, train stations, and main roads to ensure convenient travel options.

Budgeting and Financial Planning for Student Accommodation

Effective budgeting and financial planning are crucial when selecting student housing. It’s important to consider all costs, including rent, utilities, internet, and maintenance fees. Setting a realistic budget helps you narrow down options and avoid financial stress.

Utilising student discounts, financial aid, and support services can further ease the financial burden, ensuring you can comfortably afford your chosen accommodation.

Safety and Security Measures in Student Housing

Safety and security are paramount considerations when choosing student accommodation. Edge Hill University Student Accommodation ensures the property has adequate security measures, such as secure locks, smoke detectors, and well-lit entrances.

Research the neighbourhood’s safety record and choose areas with low crime rates. Ensuring the property complies with health and safety regulations provides peace of mind and a secure living environment.

Finding and Viewing Potential Properties

Effective Search Strategies for Student Housing

Employing effective search strategies can streamline the process of finding suitable student housing. Online property portals, university accommodation offices, and local letting agents are valuable resources.

Attending housing fairs and networking with fellow students can also uncover potential options. Starting the search early and being proactive increases the likelihood of securing desirable accommodation.

What to Look for During Property Viewings

Property viewings provide an opportunity to assess the suitability of potential housing. Key aspects to examine include the condition of the property, the functionality of appliances, and the availability of natural light.

It’s also important to evaluate the neighbourhood, checking for noise levels, safety, and proximity to amenities. Taking notes and asking pertinent questions during viewings ensures informed decision-making.


Choosing the right student house in Ormskirk with Rebell Property Ltd requires careful consideration and proactive planning. Start your search early to ensure the best selection of properties.

Prioritise factors such as location, safety, and amenities to find a home that suits your needs. Budget realistically and consider all associated costs to avoid financial stress. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from university resources and local networks.

For more information, Contact Us to make an informed decision that will greatly enhance your university experience.

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